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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for wanting to know more about your health! We really hope we can answer some of your questions here on our FAQ page, but if not then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Read below to see answers to commonly asked questions.

How early should I arrive for my first visit?

If you were able to complete the new patient paperwork that was emailed to you or found on this website 10 minutes early will be fine. If you still need to complete the paperwork, we recommend 20 minutes early.

Do you follow a particular technique?

No, our therapists have multiple different treatment techniques they use depending on your specific needs. For women’s health, they have all been trained by the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute.

What will we do at the evaluation?

First, we will talk. After reviewing any forms that you bring in, you will have the opportunity to share your history and concerns. The exam will be discussed with you so that you can have any questions answered right away. Your exam may include general movement like bending forward and backward, observing how you move your body, and specific tests of your joints, muscles, and nerves. If you come to the clinic for pelvic rehabilitation, an assessment of your pelvic muscles internally (through the rectum or vaginal canal) may be valuable, and you will have the option to choose or refuse any part of the examination or treatment with which you don’t feel comfortable. We will then develop your plan of care and give recommendations for frequency and duration of treatments.

What is the average number of visits patients typically need?

Based on our findings during the initial evaluation, we will create an individualized and customized plan of care for you. We will update at follow up visits. We typically see orthopedic injuries 2-3x/week for 4 weeks and pelvic health issues 1x/week for 6 weeks. If you have been dealing with your problem for many years, it may take longer.

Should I bring previous medical records?

All information is helpful. You may want to bring in any reports to have them explained to you so you can thoroughly understand your condition.

Will you just tell me to do Kegels for my pelvic floor dysfunction?

No, there is so much more for us to teach you!

How do I get in touch with the office if I am running late or there is a traffic issue?

Give us a call! We appreciate the head up if you are running behind. For our Boise office, call: 208-501-8264 and for our Nampa office, call: 208-936-2522.

What should I do if I have my period?

Generally there is no need to reschedule unless you have an infection. It is your decision. If you have heavy flows or cramps, you may feel more comfortable rescheduling.

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