After that first treatment, I knew I had a gem of a physical therapist.

My PT Story began after my car accident. My doctor referred me to Sarah when she noticed I was not getting relief from muscle relaxants and medications. I needed my shoulders, neck and jaw to relax after the impact. Sarah was so kind and we connected the very first visit. She took the time to really listen to me and hear what I was saying she evaluated my condition. After that first treatment, I knew I had a gem of a physical therapist. I appreciated how she explained things. I look forward to a healthy pain-free future.

My PT Story started six months and two cortisone injections after my toe surgery. I was so pleased with the care Sarah gave me. She used ASTYM tools to increase the blood flow to my affected area and it really helped. She taught me to correct the way I walked so I was no longer in pain. I appreciated the way she asked questions and really listened to my answers. Treatment was effective and now I feel liberated from the pain.

My PT Story started when my spouse recommended I try PT. When I was in the Marine Corps 30 years ago I broke my thumb on one hand and my wrist on the other but was never offered PT. My thumb had limited range of motion, both had the tingling sensation of being asleep and sometimes carpal tunnel would flare up. My therapist was excited to work on an old injury. After the first visit, there was a vast amount of improvement. Only 6 visits in and my hands were as good as they were 30 years ago. It was hard to tell who was more excited about my recovery – me or my PT!