Overall my PT experience was extremely helpful.

Before my TKR surgery I was told that PT would play an integral role in my recovery. I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Immediately when I arrived for my first session I was put at ease and made to feel welcome (by all the staff). It was explained to me how we would proceed. Over the weeks of PT, my therapist quickly established a rapport with me. She became my cheerleader, encouraging me and always challenging me to take that extra step. She had a wealth of information on physiology and the workings of the skeletal and muscular systems of the human body. She took the time to answer my questions and address my concerns. Due to her working with me I am progressing quite well with movement and strength in my replaced knee. Surgery was 8 weeks ago. My physical therapist has also given me home exercises to do, making sure I understood them and could perform them correctly. Before I was released from PT, she said I could call her anytime if I had any concerns or questions. Overall, my PT experience was extremely helpful.

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